Why should you decide on custom-made Mortar Iron chimney doors?

In case you are thinking of putting a fireplace in your house, there are many criteria that must be taken into account before choosing a particular model.

To achieve maximum thermal performance and avoid accidents of passage, we will need to have fire doors made to measure. The Moral Iron doors perfectly adapt to the fireplace, also achieving an aesthetic that is sure to make you fall in love.

Here are some of the advantages of relying on fireplace enclosures:

· Regulation. One of its great advantages is that at all times we will have the ability to regulate the air intake that we want to achieve; So the room can be more or less warm and you will get the material to be able to ignite more at certain times, to make it last as long as possible by allowing air to enter or restricting its entrance and is that its materials are great quality, Being able to withstand perfectly the high temperatures without its structure can get to be damaged.

· Temperature. The maximum temperature that supports this type of doors is of 750ºC and already we assure you that with the combustion of the firewood does not reach that temperature. These doors are designed not to catch your fingers; To be able to control to what seems impossible so that the fireplace is always in the best conditions.

· Saving. The truth is that the wood is not always too cheap, especially if we are going to buy a very high quality. That is why we are looking for profitability: that is, adding the minimum amount of firewood, get it to last as long as possible. This will also be achieved with the Moral Iron enclosures. Best of all, we will not only be able to save, achieving the perfect climate of the space, but also get the minimum possible ecological impact, so that the environment can always be maintained in the way it should.

· Safety. If there is one factor that we value in our home above all else is that of safety; If we get the chimney to transmit security, we can sleep peacefully all night knowing that nothing bad is going to happen.

· Quality / price ratio. Getting these doors will not cost you too much, so you should ask for prices right now to see if they will convince you. (Sure they will)

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