The beam, fundamental structural element.

The beam is one of the fundamental structural elements in the construction, of whatever nature.

In the history of construction, the use of beams for countless purposes and of different materials has been a constant for its characteristics to support and contain pressure, weight, tension and flexion.

With the Industrial Revolution began the use of iron and later steel, whose isotropic characteristics makes its strength / weight ratio greater than that of concrete and wood and can thus withstand increased traction and compression.

Depending on the constructive purpose and its characteristics, the dimension and quality of the material is determined to achieve the best weight support and tensile, flexion and compression stresses. As horizontal structural element can support a load between two supports and do not create lateral push in them.

The applications and uses of steel beams are many and varied, being fundamentally used in the structures of industrial buildings and buildings to support ceilings and openings and as structural element in bridges.

There are different types of profiles:

· The IPN profiles are defined because the outer faces of the wings are perpendicular to the core and the inner ones have an inclination of 14% with respect to those (I of inclined faces), whereby the wings have decreasing thickness towards the edges.

· HE-profiles or profile of wide wings and parallel faces are defined because the outer and inner faces of the wings are perpendicular to the soul, so that they have a constant thickness (parallel faces).

We can find in the factories producing these profiles, the following grades: S-235 JR, S-235 JRG2, S-235 JO, S-275 JR, S-275 JO, S-355 JR, S-355 JO, S - 355 J2G3, St 37.2 and St 52.3

The usual delivery lengths are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 18 meters. Also under certain conditions of order can manufacture in special lengths between 5 and 24 meters.


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