Los cerramientos de aluminio en la construcción actual

Aluminum carpentry systems are made up of profiles, materials supported by them, and different accessories that, together with the hardware, are developed to facilitate the manufacture and installation of enclosures that provide extensive construction possibilities.

Es un material que aporta soluciones estéticas y prácticas muy ventajosas para la construcción actual.

The choice of one system or another depends on the level of quality required, the dimensions of the enclosure, the type of enclosure required, as to its greater or lesser integration with the resistant structure, and the type of opening required in the final product .

It is essential that the fitting to be installed in conjunction with the profiles, is the optimum for the carpentry system in question; In this way, the set of profiles plus hardware will bring the finished product its own features.


The combination of different systems, together with the multiplicity of aesthetic possibilities, allows the realization of "a la carte" enclosures, obtaining the desired interior aesthetics, and the exterior unified according to the urban norms or particular ordinances of both aesthetic and technical requirements .

In the whole of the façade of a building, the weak point in the preservation of comfortable environmental conditions, is the set of walls, which separate the interior from the outside.


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