Advantages of Steel

High resistance - Large lights:

The high strength of the steel per unit of weight allows relatively light structures, which is of great importance in the construction of big light metallic ships and structures cemented in soft soils.


The properties of the steel do not change with time, nor do they vary with the location in the structural elements.


Steel is the material that comes closest to a linearly elastic behavior until considerable efforts are made.


The steel has the capacity to absorb large amounts of energy in deformation (elastic and inelastic).


The steel makes it possible to carry out almost all of the structure in workshop, obtaining a great speed of assembly on site, cleaning in its execution and dimensional accuracy.

Availability of sections and formats:

Steel is available in a wide range of profiles, sizes and shapes.


Steel structures can be adapted to any structural solution desired by the designer.


The steel allows a great ease of combination with the elements that make up the skin of the building and with a wide variety of slabs.


Steel can be cut, drilled, punched, bent, welded, shaped, etc.

Facility for extensions:

The steel allows modifications and / or extensions in projects in a relatively simple way.

Fast assembly time:

The speed of construction in steel is much superior to the rest of the materials.


The steel is a 100% recyclable material, besides not generating pollutant residues.

Costs reduction:

The rapidity and execution of the structures entails a considerable saving of the financial costs of the construction. The greater structural levity also implies a decrease in the cost of foundations.


The new range of panels up to 10 cm. Of thickness in polyurethane also makes great acoustic and thermal insulation in any surface, be it cover or facade.


Due to the wide variety of profiles, models and colors, it gives the building a more personalized aesthetic and originality.


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