Classic Tile Panel TEJA.CL

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Self-supporting roof panel with polyurethane foam insulation, used for roofs of civil buildings, with a minimum slope of 13%.
The traditional roof makes the roof aesthetically pleasing, light, easy and quick to assemble, without the need for further waterproofing.
Screws view.

Width useful: 1.000 mm.

Outer face: Pre-lacquered steel sheet

Inside face: Pre-lacquered sheet steel, imitation wood veneer

Thickness (mm): 55

Espesor (mm): 55
K W/m²K:0.406
R m²K/W:1.401
U W/m²K:0.406
STATIC SCHEME - Effective distance between supports: 100 mm.
Distance between supports (mm) 1050 1400 1750 2100 250 2450 2800 3100
Sobrecarga Kg.--------
Chapa exterior 0.5 mm. / Chapa interior 0.5 mm.561358265207161176127107
Chapa exterior 0.5 mm. / Chapa interior 0.4 mm.54333924418726516510688

Coefficient of safety: 2.5)


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